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Scientific activity of the Nencki Institute Research Station in Mikolajki focuses on the research in the modern experimental biology, but due to its location the subject of studies include also limnology. Research tasks are carried out by employees of the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS mainly in the areas of zooplankton ecology and microbial matter circulation (microbial loop). The Station also offers its laboratories space to conduct research and projects by scientists and university students, which result in publications and doctoral dissertations. Researchers from around the world are welcome to the Nencki Institute Research Station in Mikolajki to carry out scientific research and studies in the field of modern experimental biology.



The Nencki Institute Research Station in Mikolajki enables to run classes, work undergraduate, graduate and PhD-thesis. It is located in the Masurian Lake District, surrounded by forest, mainly composed of old trees in the edge of the Pisz Forest (Puszcza Piska). This very convenient location makes this place vary attractive to biologists curried out research and fields experiments in the area of water, as well as monitoring of flora and terestrial fauna. The Station is open to the didactic needs of the scientific community and provides field support for all research groups working in the Masurian Lakes District. Its experimental and social base are kept in constant readiness (24 hours) for individual researchers and groups, where our facilities are necessary for the implementation of research projects.

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An important supplement to basic research tasks carried out by the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS is supporting activities in the field of popularizing science among the public (in particular addressed to the local community), which is one of the most important mission to fulfill by scientists. This sphere of activity of the Institute is directed mainly to the younger generation. Sharing the latest achievements of science and enrichment of knowledge of children and young people is extremely important, on the other hand, gives a great satisfaction to our Institute. That is why we decided to organize events for children and young people from the area of Mikolajki.

  • Vacation Day of Brain
  • Festival of Science
  • Summer Ecological Picnic
  • Workshop Bio Cen
  • Hydrobiological Workshops for school