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Educational path


At the end of October 2020, at the Nencki Institute Research Station in Mikołajki, a two-environmental, sensory educational path “Biodiversity of Masurian Lakes and the Piska Forest” was installed. It is equipped with boards with elements for reception by blind and visually impaired people. The path includes the twenty educational boards with special panels with text in Braille alphabet. In the future, they will also include with QRL codes referring to a mobile application, thanks to which blind people will be able to listen to the content of each board and visually impaired people can view it in a contrasting version. The path includes also a three typhlographic boards adapted to be read by the touch by the blind. The boards were prepared by a team of experts: Jolanta Ejsmont-Karabin, Kinga Nowak, Krzysztof Wittbrodt, Jakub Masiarz, Sławomir Piętka, and Tomasz Janecki.

Here is the list of boards of the educational path “Biodiversity of the Masurian Lakes and the Piska Forest”: Welcome board; The Great Masurian Lakes and Lake Mikołajskie; History written in three layers; Forest – common tree species in the Piska Forest; Interesting and protected undergrowth plants; Forest birds of the Piska Forest; Amphibians and reptiles of the Piska Forest; Mosses, lichens and liverworts of the Piska Forest; Large forest mammals of the Piska Forest; Mushrooms and dead wood; Ants and anthill; History of the Research Station; Lakes; Aquatic invertebrates; Sewage treatment plant; Birds on the lake; Terrestrial-aquatic mammals of the Piska Forest; Small water reservoirs; Reed; The fish of our lakes. Additionally, there are three typhlographic tables: Plan of the Station with the course of the Educational Path; Lakes; Masurian fish.

The elements of the educational path were made by the company “Puls-Art, Jolanta Buzanowska”, and the typhlographic boards and translations into Braille alphabet – the company “Altix Sp. z o.o. “.

The constraction work:


These are all elements of the educational path: