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GRANTS completed:

  1. Mechanisms affecting the flow of matter and energy from phytoplankton to zooplankton in freshwater ecosystems
    Grant No. 2016/21/B/NZ8/00434
    Head: Andrew Dzialowski PhD; implementation period: 2017-2020

  2. Ecological status assessment of Polish lakes on the basis of zooplankton studies – the scientific basis of a new method
    Grant NCN “PRELUDE 4” No. 2012/07 / N / NZ9 / 01396
    Head: Agnieszka Ochocka MSc; Tutor: assoc. prof. Jolanta Ejsmont-Karabin, 2017
  3. The cumulative impact of many factors control of species richness and composition of the team Cladocera
    NCN Grant No. 2012/05 / B / N28 / 02684
    Head: Andrew R. Działowski PhD; the implementation period 2013-2016
  4. Species distribution in the insular environment: the relationship between dispersion and trophic position and width of the foods niche. Research of beetles using the method stable isotopes
    Higher Education Grant No. N304 354 538
    Head: Marcin Zalewski PhD; the implementation period 2010-2013
  5. The transformations mechanisms of teams Cladocera in condition of global warming
    Higher Education Grant No. 4025 N304 38
    Head: Irina Feneva PhD; the implementation period 2010-2013
  6. The mechanisms of interaction between mezofauna and earthworms in the soil system
    Higher Education Grant No. N304 402 338
    Head: Kamil Karaban MSc; the implementation period 2010-2012
  7. Structural and functional biodiversity of bacteria freely floating and settled colonizing sinking particles of seston
    Higher Education Grant No. N304 023 237
    Head: Bartosz Kiersztyn PhD; the implementation period 2009-2012
  8. Invasions of zooplankton: how the ocal and regional processes affect the success of the invasion depending on the productivity of ecosystems and intensity of disorders
    Higher Education Grant No. 1458 N304 37
    Head: Adrew Działowski; the implementation period 2009-2012
  9. System of the environmental and spatial information as the background for the sustainable management of the Vistula Lagoon ecosystem VISLA
    The project of the Polish-Norwegian Research Fund PNRF 82-AI-01/07
    Coordinator: prof. Mark Crow; the implementation period 2008-2011
  10. Influence of trophic conditions and mortality on life history variation among populations Anodonta anatina: development and testing of optimization models
    Higher Education Grant N N304 1176 3
    Head: Thomas Muller; the implementation period 2008-2011
  11. The mechanisms of production, respiration and decomposition of organic matter in Masuria Lakes District
    Higher Education Grant No. N304 080 135
    Head: assoc. prof. Waldemar Siuda; the implementation period 2008-2011
  12. The impact of Stratiotes aloides L. on macrophyte team structure
    Higher Education Grant No. N N304 072235
    Head: assoc. prof. Lech Kufel; the implementation period 2008-2011