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Kazimierz Petrusewicz (1906-1982)

Prof.; the best known ecologist in Poland and the best known Polish ecologist in the world (R. Andrzejewski); graduate of the Maritime Academy, then the University of Stefan Batory in Vilnius, assistant in the Department of Zoology; worker of the labor movement; during the IIWW he was a partisan in the Soviet Union. After the war in 1944-49 he was undersecretary of the State in the Ministry of Aprowization and Navigation, and from 1949 to 1952 - Head of the Department of Science and Higher Education KC PZPR. In 1949 - professor at the University of Warsaw; co-organizer of the Polish Academy of Sciences and in 1952-56 and 1962-68 - secretary of the 2nd Department of Biological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences; co-organizer of the Department of Ecology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and its manager and then the director from 1956 to 1973. Since 1953, for 26 years he has been chairman of the Committee of Ecology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. One of the main organizers of the International Biological Program. His scientific passions: initially faunistic works, then ecology and evolutionist problems. In total, he published 140 scientific papers, and promoting about 50 doctors.