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13-14.04.1964 – a discussion on the methodology and methodology of quantitative research in hydrobiology was organized by the Hydrobiological Section of the National Committee of the MPB (27 participants from 11 scientific centers)

01.09.1965 – the Department of Applied Limnology has been set up (within the framework of the Institute of Ecology PAS) and the current Head of the Station, Andrzej Szczepański PhD was its organizer. After joining the Hydrobiology Department, the Station became a mainly field base for hydrobiologists from the Institute of Ecology and Warsaw University

July 1971 – Witold Tyrakowski appeared on the Station, preparing a report on the work of scientists – biologists. The plot of his stay at the Station is a chapter of a book published in 1974 entitled “The trappers of science

11-18 June 1972 – IBP Wetland Symposium (40 participants from 9 countries)

June 15, 1973 – an agreement with the Institute of Microbiology (Warsaw University) about the use of the Station for research and training purposes was signed

15.09.-4.10.1975 – The RWPG Summer School on “Productivity of ecosystems and bioenergy” was held at the Station. The course was attended by 17 people from 6 countries

12-13.09.1976 – Session of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Ecology, Polish Academy of Sciences to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Station. There were defense of two doctoral dissertations: Joanna Królikowska and Teresa Ozimek

15.09.1976 – Participants of the 2nd International Paleolithic Symposium (140 people from 16 countries) visited the Station

17-20.05.1979 – 3rd conference of the thematic group “Population mechanisms in organization of physiogenesis” (60 participants) was organized by the Polpulations Depratment of Institute of Ecology PAS

10-11.05.1980 – the First Polish Conference of the Phycological Section of the Polish Botanical Society was held at the Station- Consultation on the field of algology (28 participants)

30.06.1983 – prof. Andrzej Szczepański (founder, organizer and first manager of Hydrobiological Station) died. He left behind numerous students, a great academic achievements and a well-known at home and abroad scientific institution

04.07.1983 – Lech Kufel PhD became the Head of the Station

09-15.09.1984 – symposium on “Eutrophication of water reservoirs and practical methods of reclamation” within the framework of the GCP III.7 (15 persons from 4 countries)

20-26.05.1991 – MAB / UNESCO / IHP symposium on “Dynamics and retention of phosphorus and nitrogen in lowland ecotones of lakes and rivers in the temperate zone” (70 participants from 23 countries)

05-06.09.1991 – Celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Station, including a scientific session, a banquet and a boat trip (approx. 80 people attended the event)

24-28.05.1993 – international conference “Rodens & Spatium” led by the team of Populations Department (secretary – Gabriela Bujalska-Grum). It was attended by 150 people from 28 countries

06-11.06.1994 – The 7th international symposium on Rotifera. (secretary – Jolanta Ejsmont-Karabin). It was attended by 93 rotiferologists from 26 countries

12-20.09.1994 – international course “Monitoring of lake ecosystems“. The course was attended by 23 people from 10 countries

27-30.11.1994 – Polish-Belarusian symposium on “The flow of energy in biological systems

21-26.08.1995 –“Shallow Lakes ’95” – international conference on trophic cascades in shallow fresh and saltwater lakes, organized by L. Kufel, A. Prejs and J. Rybak. (100 participants, 14 countries)

27-31.05.1996 – International conference on “Individual approach in ecology” organized by J. Uchmanski (50 participants from 12 countries)

24-25.08.1996 – Symposium on the 130th anniversary of Secchi’s Disc combined with the field experiment on the influence of personal qualities of researchers on the disc visibility (with the participation of all 25 participants of the symposium)

24.09.1996 – Polish-Swedish seminar “Using ecotechnology, GIS and remote sensing in the management of environmental resources in the Great Masurian Lakes” (organizers G. Renman and L. Kufel, 24 participants)

01.04.1997 – due to change of residence of Lech Kufel PhD, Jolanta Ejsmont-Karabin PhD became the Head of the Station, and her deputy administrator became Irena Sawicka

19-23 September 1997 – ECEE international working meeting on “Biodiversity and Sustainable Lifestyles: Creating new partnerships” organized by Anna Kalinowska

30.06.1998 – a ceremonial commissioning of a modern, automatic sewage treatment plant built with the help of Kazimierz Potrzebowski and subsidies from the National Fund for Environmental Protection

10-19.09.1998 – the first of the series of 8 courses organized by the Polish Hydrobiological Society was held at the Station. These courses, run by the best national specialists, were mainly collected by employees of the state environmental control services and were meant to improve their professional qualifications and acquaint themselves with the latest developments in world hydrobiology. Laboratory classes were accompanied by numerous lectures.

06-09.05.1999 – 2nd National Conference of Mammalian Behavioral Ecology organized by Population Department (23 participants)

30.05.-1.06.1999 – Polish-Swedish workshop on “Outlook for year 2000 and beyond: preparation of Polish-Swedish contribution to 5FP” (organizer: K. Opaliński)

01-10.06.1999 – repetition of the PTH course titled “Hydrobiology. Watery

08-17.09.2000 – PTH course “Hydrobiology. Selected peryphyton, benthos and demersal organisms

01-10.06.2000 – repetition of PTH course “Hydrobiology. Selected periphyton, benthos and demersal organisms

28.08.-2.09.2000 – international stage conference of the NICOLAS program (organization: A. Hillbricht-Ilkowska)

12-21.09.2000 – PTH course “Hydrobiology. Litoral plants and organisms associated with them

27.09.2000 – Visit of Deutscher Rat fur Landspflege (German Council for Landscape Protection) under the direction of prof. Wolfgang Haber

09-12.05.2001 – VIII Polish Benthic Workshops organized jointly with the Benthological Section of PTH (37 participants)

16-17.05.2001 – special meeting of the Committee of Ecology at the Second Faculty of the Polish Academy of Sciences commemorating the 50th anniversary of the creation of Hydrobiological Station in Mikolajki

30.05.-8.06.2001 – repetition of PTH course “Hydrobiology III. Litoral plants and organisms associated with them

28.08.-6.09.2001 – PTH course “Hydrobiology. Microorganisms and aquatic fungi, ecotoxicology and special research techniques

10.09.2001 – The Main Board of the Polish Hydrobiological Association has given the medal of Alfred Litynski, No. 7 for the Hydrobiological Station, as an expression of special distinction and recognition of merit to hydrobiology

20-22.09.2001 – national conference “Problem of time in ecology” organized during 50th anniversary of the Hydrobiological Station

24.05.2002 – the ceremonial opening of modernization of the Station heating system (heat pumps and biomass boilers) financed by the EcoFund and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

01-05.09.2002 – PTH course “Hydrobiology V. Plankton and activated sludge

30.09.2002 – liquidation of the Institute of Ecology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

01.10.2002 – the Center for Ecological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established with its head office in Dziekanów Leśny, the Hydrobiological Station became the center of the facility

05-19.07.2003 – students of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Wrocław University of Technology for the first time had a holiday interships on the Station

25-27.08.2003 – a polish scientific conference “Ecology and Ecology of Microorganisms of Water” was organized by the Department of Microbial Ecology of the University of Warsaw (Prof. Ryszard Chróst); 18 people participated in it

31.08.-6.09.2003 – training course – titled “Identification of bacteria in freshwater samples by Fluorescence In situ Hybridization” organized by the Department of Microbiology of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn and the Department of Molecular Ecology at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, participants: 12 students and 7 lecturers

09-11.02.2004 – 1st Working Meeting headed by prof. R. Chróst, Team B2.1 of the project commissioned by KBN “Biodiversity of Ecosystems – Genesis and Function” (11 participants)

21-23.05.2004 – XXX Workshop on Evolutionary Biology organized by prof. M. Konarzewski, about 35 participants listened to 30 papers

21.07.2004 – 1st Board of Consortium of Station Users Consortium; The President of the Council was unanimously elected prof. Ryszard Chróst

27-29.09.2004 – Meeting of participants of the ordered research project “Biodiversity of ecosystems – genesis and function” (45 participants)

06-10.10.2004 – Russian-Polish School of Young Ecologists took place at the Station during the Russian Science Days; 8 lectures were attended by 16 young, Polish and Russian participants

19-21.04.2006 – Visit of guests from Ukraine headed by prof. Alexander Pachomov

26-28.04.2006 – Meeting of participants of the project “Diversity of microbial communities within the microbial loop and processes of production, utilization and decomposition of organic matter in lakes of pelagic – PBZ biodiversity of ecosystems: origin and function” organized by the project team prof. Ryszard Chróst

12-14.05.2006 – national seminar “Trophic and non-hydrophilic role of macrophytes in lakes” organized by Department of Hydrobiology of Warsaw University and Hydrobiological Station CBE PAN (about 80 participants)

21-24.05.2006 – 4th National Hydromicrobiological Conference “Structural and functional integration of microbicides of aquatic ecosystems” organized by the Department of Microbiology of the Warmia and Masuria University (about 50 participants)

21.08.2007 – The white squall hit on Masurain Lakes. The wind that reached 12th on the Beaufort scale knocked down and sank some yachts. 12 people died. The squall overthrow some largest trees, mostly pine between the stations buildings. To the astonishment of the people present at the Station, no buildings or cars suffered from it.

09-10.05.2008 – May Picnic for the Friends of the Station. A fireplace meeting, collective planting of trees and a ceremonial campfire in the harbor were organized. The event was attended by about 80 people, more than 70 shrubs and trees were planted

19-24.10.2008 – “School of Mathematical Modeling in Ecology” organized for CBE Doctoral Studies

July 2010 – begins of research under the project “Zooplankton Involvement: How Local and Regional Processes Affect the Success of Invasion, Dependent on Ecosystem Productivity and Intensity Disorders,” led by Adrew Dzialowski

05-07.09.2011 – 1st National Zooplankton Workshop on “The role of various taxonomic and trophic groups of zooplankton in the functioning of aquatic ecosystems” organized by CBE; 28 participants from the country